Remote operation of heavy machinery such as cranes is now possible due to  Zao-SH and its new ultra-low latency capabilities for real time live video monitoring.  The system, that can operate from any location in the world, includes a return path for control signals to be sent over the same network link and can utilize multiple 4G or 5G networks. Such precise control requires ultra-low latency capabilities which with the Zao-SH starting from 35ms across a global wide area link is unprecedented across the cellular network.  Operating machinery from a remote location enhances safety and efficiency in challenging areas such as those with environmental disasters or in catastrophic areas, such as in Fukushima. This ground-breaking technology can also be used on oil platforms or remote areas with extreme climates. Another area where remote driving operations can be useful, is in agriculture where it is used in vehicles, such as tractors and other farming machinery or building machinery such as bulldozers or digging machines.