Remote driving, the ability to control a motor vehicle from a remote location, is now possible thanks to the Zao-SH, a real time live video transmission system with ultra-low latency. With the intelligence  to use a remote car set up for remote driving, it allows the remotely placed driver to view and react to the road in real time,  with return control driving commands being sent back to the vehicle to drive such as steering, accelerating, braking and indicating. It is as if the driver is present in the car or vehicle itself. The Zao-SH can use its multiple 4G or 5G low latency capabilities to live stream video to for viewing and for controlling. Remote driving is a new business application considered for the defence and military for keeping people safe in dangerous situations as well as being utilized by the car industry as a contingency back-up application for autonomous self-driving in the event of a catastrophic failure.  It has also been proved for car platooning – that is a line of cars, or trucks for transporting freight, in master and slave scenario where the front vehicle is being remotely driven and the reminder of the cars or trucks automatically follow the lead vehicle in a train formation.