For a police commander in a control room to view in real time what is happening on location could be vital in making life or death decisions. Soliton Systems, and specifically their Zao range of live streaming products, allows a commanding officer to see live video streams from an action cam or helmet cam, from a drone, or live from moving location such as a car, boat, surveillance vehicle or helicopter. This enables the commander to see and make better informed decisions based on visual feedback from remote locations where a fixed camera cannot give the necessary coverage, or just simply does not exist and not rely purely on traditional audio communications.

Utilizing Zao products allows law enforcement personnel and commanding officers to share and monitor real time events as they unfold live in the field. Soliton’s range of mobile ONVIF compliant products allows encrypted live streaming from a range of action cams or mobile cameras, over multiple bonded 4G connections, Wifi or satellite, for viewing back at the command and control center, or shared amongst colleagues within the field,  with ultra-low latency.