Mobile Video Surveillance and 5G video transmission with ultra low latency 

As a mobile surveillance platform, when transmitting live video streams from sensitive places such as war zones or disputed territories, it must be secure. The Zao range of products can operate extremely reliably providing encrypted high-quality video with ultra-low latency back to a briefing room or command and control center. Utilized with drones, vehicles, helicopters, boats and body cams, the mobile Zao range of live streaming products have been proven to work with external cameras in the most testing of conditions.The Zao range of products have been used in a variety of operational situations around the globe.

Remote driving vehicles  - a driver or operator can be placed out of harm’s way but with the bi-directional capabilities of the Zao. Video can be streamed from the vehicle to the driver with ultra low latency in a location far away, and the driver is able to send the driving commands back to the vehicle via the serial interface of the Zao. With a latency as low as 35ms, the operator can see in almost real time when operating the vehicle ensuring a safe operating environment when deployed with other vehicles, troops or machinery.

Snipers Telescopic Sights - Another military application of video streaming includes a sniper’s telescopic sight.  Video output via an HDMI port from the scope of a sniper’s gun can be live streamed from remote locations back to a command location many 100’s of kms away. A commanding officer can see what the sniper can see, and allows them to make operational decisions from a command and control room.

Receiving end - The Zao range of products can utilize AES256 encryption for the live video stream and are fully ONVIF compliant meaning it can be viewed by a variety of different Video Management Systems (VMS).  An end-to-end connection can be established without the need for an insecure third-party cloud service. Soliton’s range of mobile surveillance solutions are used in a variety of live streaming scenarios from law enforcement, coast guard, military, security agencies and broadcast stations.