Fixed surveillance cameras have traditionally been a major factor in helping companies and government agencies in protecting vital infrastructure from crime and the threat of terrorist attacks.

However, by their own definition, they are limited in their utilisation just by the fact they are fixed. Mobile surveillance is the next generation of surveillance and is a great asset to complement existing fixed surveillance systems.  It helps companies protect property and people by live streaming from a camera that is mobile. For example, encrypted live streaming can be achieved from a body cam, from a drone or from a vehicle. They can be placed on public transport including buses and train to provide real time video feeds.  It allows security and law enforcement to see inside locations and to get cameras to where they are needed quickly and efficiently.

Protecting vital transport links such as airports, train stations and other public institutions has never been easier. Live video can be securely streamed in full broadcast quality via multiple 4G connections back to an existing ONVIF compliant Video Management System within a control room. Latencies are typically under a second.