Strengthen firefighting disaster prevention and emergency life-saving systems

When emergency calls are taken in the Mimosaka District Fire Defence Command Centre, appropriate command personnel are dispatched from the three districts. In order to maximize the sophistication and efficiency of facilities, the Command Center intends to strengthen firefighting disaster prevention and emergency life-saving systems throughout the Mimosaka district. 

In the Command Centre, centralized staff use the latest system technologies to unify emergency transport information for the whole district. They have created a pioneering wide-area, emergency support system. Smart-telecasters are deployed in each of the three districts, in other emergency services vehicles. To support these initiatives they use on-site live video streaming devices from Soliton Systems. This high definition video relay system is called a Smart-telecaster. 

Mr Morikazu Ikeda worked as the Fire Chief at the headquarters of the Tsuyama area firefighting association. He led the project to establish the Command Centre and saw new possibilities to improve the Command Centre by utilizing live broadcasting equipment.

In this Case Study mr. Morikazu Ikeda explains how the Command Centre adopted the live broadcasting equipment and how this helps to save more lives in emergency situations.

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