"We aim to improve the number of lives our flying doctors can save"

The Asahikawa Red Cross Hospital is a core hospital that provides advanced acute care and specialized medical care. It plays a key role as a regional medical support hospital in the Hokkaido area in Japan.

The Asahikawa Red Cross Hospital is responsible for the mission as a base hospital that operates the only doctor helicopter system in the northern area. Asahikawa Red Cross Hospital Deputy Director Mr Tsuyoshi Sumida explains: “The doctor flies in a helicopter, which is equipped with emergency medical equipment. They respond to requests from either a fire fighting call out or a medical call out. The doctor and nurse quickly dispatch to the accident, sudden illness or disaster site. Their speed of transportations allows them to perform life saving measures, before transporting the patient to a medical institution. It is possible to shorten the transportation time and start treatment earlier. We aim to improve the number of lives we can save.“

Mr Sumida’s attention was focussed on the utilization of a video broadcasting system that can transmit video footage in real time. Soliton’s streaming products provide reliability, good quality pictures and low latency when compared to alternative solutions. 

In this case study, Mr Sumida explains how Smart-telecaster was introduced into their emergency medical procedures and the effect this will have on improving the patients condition.

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