White paper:
Network Access Control made easy

A guide for IT managers that want to take back control of their network

In this white paper, we discuss the potential of NAC solutions for your organisation. Because hurray, they're back! Modern NAC works on the same principles as the NAC as we once knew it,  only more user-friendly and better thought-through. So what has changed and how do you work with modern access control? We'll tell you all about it.

This white paper in bullets:

  • Challenges of IT managers in this digital age
  • How did NAC solutions evolve and how do they help businesses take back control?
  • NAC done right: finding your ultimate Network Access Control solution

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White paper Network Acces Control made easy


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ecover Soliton Systems Whitepaper MACIn addition to the NAC Made Easy white paper, we'd like to offer you our Access Control Beyond MAC Address Filtering white paper. In this document, we dare you to look beyond insufficient IT security measures such as MAC address filtering and PSK-authentication. We’ll tell you about:

  • The power of IEEE 802.1X authentication
  • The advantages of EAP-TLS and how to deal with the downsides
  • How to take on a proactive IT security mindset using Soliton’s NetAttest EPS

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