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Network Access Control made easy

A guide for IT managers that want to take back control

Many IT managers have a love-hate relationship with Network Access Control. We don’t blame them: NAC is probably the best possible answer to many modern security risks, but it also comes with a lot of hassle, complexity and frustrations.

But why is that? And if hassle is what’s stopping us to implement a NAC solution, is there a way around it?

In this white paper, we discuss the potential of NAC solutions if they were more user-friendly and thought-through. We’ve listed all the disadvantages and according solutions and tell you what to look for when you want to get started with a NAC product.

This white paper in bullets:

  • Challenges of IT managers in this digital age
  • How did NAC solutions evolve and how do they help businesses take back control?
  • What are NAC disadvantages and how can we solve them?
  • NAC done right: finding your ultimate Network Access Control solution

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