How G/On is essential for remote home working

There is a big difference between working from home and working at home because a disaster has knocked out the regular workplace. Especially for employees who rely on their PC in the office to access their documents and office applications.

G/On delivers business continuity SECURELY

G/On provides instant secure access to the company network, applications and data from a home PC or Mac. G/on provides secure access to RDP, Citrix or web applications and the internal desktop PC. No complex implementation, no need for VPN, no need to install anything on the user’s PC. G/On establishes a secure home office environment which is completely separated from the personal data even with a privately owned PC.


  • Allows quick and secure scaling up of home offices
  • No VPN, no complexity, no risk
  • Does not require an internal server-based computing environment (if connecting to internal PC's)
  • No installation required - zero footprint on the end-user's PC

In 3 simple steps, each and single employee can work from home, safely and right away. Why hesitate any longer? Leave your details and we will help to establish business continuity within hours. 

Operate your daily business securely from the kitchen table as if it was the office desk.

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