Network Access Control - focusing on its fundamentals

A normal day of a company network

Devices connect to your network through cable, Wi-Fi and VPN, making it harder to control it. There’s an increased number of companies allowing Bring Your Own Device policies, meaning you not only have to monitor company PCs, but laptops, phones and tablets too. Then there are guests and contractors requesting access to the network: people you’ve never heard of, but still like to surf the web when visiting your company. If that’s not enough, more and more companies hire freelancers to remain flexible, which means that a lot of people come- but also a lot of people go.

NAC – automated network access control works!

Network Access Control ensures the IT Manager is in control that the right people have access to the network segment they are entitled to in order to do their job

Want to learn more about NAC and Soliton NAC solutions make the network only accessible to the people and devices that are properly authenticated and authorized?

Leave your details so that you also know what and who is connecting to your network. 

Control the company network without working day and night

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