NAC put to the test:
Hurdling in the automotive industry

Network Access Control is a very broad term. This is why we’d like to share a NAC story that tells you more about the way it’s being used in real life.

The case story below does just that, as it gives you a tour of the most used NAC applications and the way they make access safer and easier.

The article tells about a technical firm in the automotive industry that suddenly had to comply with new and stricter security rules. The firm turned to Soliton Systems for help, who implemented a NAC solution that not only solved many security-related headaches, but also took a lot of work out of the hands of the IT manager.

In short, these are the topics we’ll discuss:

  • Network compartmenting
  • Safe VPN connection
  • Securing machinery
  • Safe partner collaboration
  • Easy-to-handle guest portals

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