Bankdata: protecting business data on mobile devices with one single app

Keeping business data safe has become critical for every organisation. New legislation and the continuous increase in cyber attacks makes it even a more challenging task.
Bankdata, one of the biggest finance-IT companies in Denmark, faced the challenge to maintain the highest level of IT Security while granting their employees mobile access to all their business data and applications.
SecureContainer - DME proved to be the solution to this challenge. With one secured app, Bankdata can now:
  • Keep customer information and business data safe;
  • Separate business and personal data on mobile devices;
  • Provide employees easy and direct access to office tools;
  • Remain full control over business data on corporate, shared and personally owned mobile devices.

Download the case study and find out how Bankdata enables secure access to business data and applications from one single app.

Download the Bankdata Case Study

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