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We’ve created a new way to help you better understand your IT security and design the best solutions. Get a report today!
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A new way to map IT security needs

Security is a fast-changing world. Cybercriminals’ methods get more sophisticated every day, and cybersecurity companies constantly strive to stay one step ahead. There’s always something new to think about.

That’s where we come in. We’ve created a new way to help businesses like yours better understand their IT security and design the best solutions. Through a Clear Path Forward Report, we uncover your IT security needs so we can advise you on the next steps. We help you:

Group 1002


Identify the root cause of symptoms and articulate the question

Group 811


Determine the optimal solutions and products
Group 803


Determine the scope of your question and set clear goals
Group 816


Create a business case that helps you get the project moving internally

How does it work?

Simply book a workshop with a Soliton expert adviser below. Depending on the size of your organisation and the complexity of your company’s IT infrastructure, we’ll to set up the workshop and collect relevant information. During our workshop, we’ll:

Group 1019Dive deep into your existing IT security setup

Group 1065Identify risks and their impact on your business

Group 817Discover the real problems behind your cybersecurity headaches

Clear Path Forward report

Soon after your workshop, we’ll send you your Clear Path Forward report. This comprehensive, plain-speaking report sums up the challenges you’re facing right now - and recommends solutions. 

Your report is a 2-3 page structured business case for investment in cybersecurity, which you can use to bring in the other stakeholders in your company and get the project moving. Find out more about the Clear Path Forward process by reading our Case Studies.

Why choose Soliton?

The Clear Path Forward delivers three massive benefits to your business:


Cybersecurity is complex. We know it’s tough to even put into words the problems you’re struggling with. 

Our experts know how to make everything clear, so you can separate the signal from the noise and understand the real risks in your business. When you truly understand your issues, fixing them is much easier.   


It could take months to properly evaluate your existing IT security systems and identify the solutions to deliver the right results.

We know the questions to ask to produce a precise analysis of your current situation. Then, just a few days later, your Clear Path Forward report delivers effective recommendations based on our decades of experience. 


We know how hard it is to get every stakeholder in your company to understand the real IT security issues you’re dealing with and their impact on the business. 

That’s why the Clear Path Forward report clearly defines your issues in 2-3 pages, with minimal technical jargon. You can share it with your other stakeholders, and they’ll immediately understand what they need to do. And if they don’t, we can help you.

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Your IT security is too important to leave to chance. Don’t let those nagging doubts grow into bigger issues.

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