Mobile Surveillance for public safety and law enforcement


Utilizing Zao products for live streaming video allows law enforcement personnel and commanding officers to share and monitor real time events as they unfold live in the field. Soliton’s range of mobile ONVIF compliant products allows encrypted live streaming from a range of action cams or mobile cameras, over multiple bonded 4G connections, Wifi or satellite, for viewing back at the command and control center, or shared amongst colleagues within the field,  with ultra-low latency.


Why The Police should use Mobile Video Surveillance

Encrypted mobile live streaming has many applications. From special operations for live streaming from head cams while involved in police raids to tactical operational field duties including major security or terrorist breaches, covert operations, crowd control via public safety vehicles or temporary cameras on location, are just some examples of where Soliton’s products’ are utilised to live stream video back to a command and control centre. Cameras can be placed in a variety of locations including vehicles, head cams, drones, boats and helicopters.

The Zao and the Zao-s utilise H.265 HEVC for high reliability, multiple SIM cards, can support AES256 encryption and are ONVIF compliant meaning they can integrate into existing Video management Systems (VMS).

Zao-S video Case Study in a public safety event


Mobile Video is the future in the Public Safety domain

For public safety departments, time is a valuable but scarce resource. And that’s problematic, especially since the number of threats in the world is rising steadily. The use of innovative technologies is essential for maintaining high safety levels. Download our whitepaper to find out more.


How the ZAO line of products helps Police Surveillance

In order to make critical decisions based on video, what is required? Reliability, quality and low latency. The police in London do not make a decision based on video alone, because in the past other live streaming units have had a latency of 3-4 seconds which is too long for a critical decision as things could have changed in that short time. The Soliton Zao has a minimum latency of 240ms which gives the added flexibility of making more decisions on video alone.

Soliton has a background in broadcast and broadcasters get very upset if video drops frames. They demand reliability and high quality even in the most challenging of situations. Soliton’s Zao-s can utilize up to 3 different SIM cards from 3 different cellular providers and will bond them all together as a single connection. In addition, it will then dynamically monitor the strength of each cellular network and effectively carve up the video down each cellular provider for increased reliability and performance. As an extra layer of security, the video stream can be AES256 encrypted. The Zao can support up to 6 SIM cards.