How to protect against the upcoming tsunami of cyber attacks


In this webinar Hans-Peter Ponten, product manager at Soliton Systems, argues that IT Security goes beyond the borders of the IT department. To prevent cyber attacks, C-level executives and the board of directors must understand this is not merely a technical (IT) issue. That it is actually C-level and above who should take an active role in cyber risk management and data breach preparedness. Precisely because it is an organizational problem that ultimately comes down to money.

He further argues that the best approach for organizations to protect themselves against cyber attacks is to first make a risk analysis. Only then organisations, and more important C-level will understand that the increased use and dependence on IT have increased the possible damage amounts (theft, extortion, destruction, etc.) and increased the number of opportunities for cyber attacks.

During the webinar Hans-Peter Ponten provides more insight why organisations should review their current IT security strategy. Why they should work towards a strategy that includes software defined parameter and that moves away from managing endpoints.